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Nick Rand built most of the buildings on upper Main Street out of stone, while his rivals, the Garners, were building lower Main Street out of wood.  Rand proved right when all the buildings on lower Main were destroyed in a fire sparked from a passing locomotive in 1923.

The Calico Rocket newspaper began in 1903.  New publisher, Neill Brooks, changed the name of the paper to The Calico Rock Progressand bought our building in 1906 where he relocated the newspaper and installed a printing press.  It became a huge success. 

It remained a printing press and newspaper office until 1965 when Jim and Billie Clinkingbeard bought it and installed Family Shoe Store.  Jim worked as a cobbler running the shoe store for over 65 years.  Today, the building is owned by the Calico Rock Community Foundation and the printing press is operating again...this time as a successful café and ice cream parlor.

Since we are part of the museum, our décor is full of historic treasures that pay homage to our building's history as a printing press and shoe store.  All proceeds from the café benefit the Calico Rock Community Foundation and our efforts to revitalize our community.

Learn more about the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center or check out Explore Calico and learn about our hometown.  We hope to see you in Calico Rock soon!

Customer Reviews

This is the best place to eat!  Their sandwiches are so huge and tasty.  You will not leave hungry, I guarantee you! - Rick Knowles
Great food great people, definitely a great place to eat at!  -Ashley Crawford

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